CI Seeks Student Assistant for Spring/Summer 2022

The URI Coastal Institute seeks a matriculating URI undergraduate student to assist with event organization, website & social media updates, and a wide range of day-to-day offices tasks (such as formatting documents, upkeeping databases, and performing internet research). Candidate should have strong computer skills, an attention to detail, and willingness to learn. To apply, please […]

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Graduate Student Career Luncheon

Between a Trek and a Stroll: Pathways to a Career  This event is part of the 2022 Nixon lecture series, learn more about the Nixon lecture here Join alumni of URI’s Coastal Institute IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship) Project (CIIP) for a discussion of professional development, career challenges, and choices. Lunch will be […]

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Watershed Counts Connects Climate Change to RI’s Environment and Economy

  Climate change is already impacting the Narragansett Bay Watershed’s environment and economy. Fortunately, state and local agencies, cities and towns, and businesses and homeowners in Rhode Island have already begun implementing innovative strategies to protect natural resources, the economy, and public health. While climate change takes many forms—droughts, wildfires and emerging diseases—the 2017 Watershed […]

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Big Picture, Big Thinking About Changing the Ocean Circulation Paradigm.

The Coastal Institute hosted the 5th Annual Scott W. Nixon Lecture featuring Dr. Susan Lozier of Duke University on April 13, 2017. Dr. Nixon had a lifelong commitment to big-picture thinking and to challenging seemingly-accepted scientific theories, a commitment that Dr. Lozier shares as she challenges traditional thinking about how our ocean waters circulate the […]

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Don’t Even Think About It

Climate change is real, but it’s also scary. Add to this the fact that our brains are hard-wired first and foremost to survive socially by ignoring threatening problems of such complexity. The result? Our current communication strategies regarding climate changes are an unequivocal failure. Consequently, efforts to convince people to mitigate climate change are doomed […]

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