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Ecosystem & Human Community Intersection in the Coastal Zone

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  • Congratulations to the 2023-2024 grant awardees - The CI provides a range of grants to invest in multidisciplinary research and outreach in keeping with its mission. Grants are evaluated on the basis of how the investment enhances the efficacy of pure and applied research relative to the state of the coastal zone. Application is open to CI Senior Fellows on… ...Read more
183CI Senior Fellows w/ 138 funded proposal in FY2019
>$175KIn Grants-in-Aid to Senior Fellows in FY2019
>30%CI Budget to Projects, Catalyst, & Leveraging Grants
26CI Initiatives & Projects

Innovative Problem Solving Across and Beyond Traditional Structures

The Coastal Institute was founded to encourage, support, and expedite interdisciplinary partnerships that first and foremost serve Rhode Island as a unique coastal state that is ideal as a model to explore compelling coastal problems.