A CIIP Celebration in the Coast Zone

Napatree Point Conservation Area

RSVP by April 1st

Friday, April, 2022

10:00 CIIPers gather at the Napatree Gate

  • Enjoy a group bayside walk ‘n’ talk to the lagoon
  • Learn about the Coastal Institute Climate Demonstration Site
11:30 CIIPers return to entrance via ocean-side
12:15 Convene in Reading Room at the Lanphear Livery

Enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by the history of The Gilded Age 

12:30 Hear about the Watch Hill Conservancy and the history of the
Lanphear Livery
1:30 Farewell for another decade

* Native plants * Migratory birds * Social pathways *Eelgrass beds * Lagoon life *Climate impacts * Coastal geology

Note: Inclement weather? Come to the Lanphear Livery, One Bay Street, Watch Hill, RI 02891

Vaccinations are a must. Masks will be used inside if needed or required except when eating. Social distancing will be practiced as needed (based on case data). Pandemic protocols while walking on Napatree Point will be less stringent due to outdoor setting and likely breeze.