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 First Last College/Department Granting Agency/Foundation Project Title Funding Amount Requested (may be an estimate)* Funded
MehrshadAminiCVE/OCENSF-CMMIFundamental mechanics and prediction of vertical wave forces on elevated coastal structures$500,000Pending
TatianaRynearsonGSOWHOI/NOAAThe Molecular Ecology of Right Whale Feeding718,442Pending
HongjieWangGSOEPANutrient and water quality indicators of sustainable habitat and living resources in temperate estuaries1.2MPending
ColleenMouwGSONOAA CINARDevelopment of hyperspectral remote sensing products for fisheries$1,229,255Pending
JasonParentCELS/NRSNational Park ServiceCELS - CI - Assessing Salt Marsh Migration Areas for Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Coastal National Parks$299,999.99Pending
KristyLewisGSONOAA CINARAssessing cumulative impacts of offshore wind on ecosystems and living resources in the New England and the Mid-Atlantic waters$1,451,410Pending
KristyLewisGSONASACoastal Access is the nexus of climate resilience: Employing remote sensing and community-led science to expand coastal community resilience in Southern New England850,000Pending
KristyLewisGSOWHOI/NOAAPCMHAB20: Application of Clay Flocculation for Removal of Karenia brevis Cells and Toxins in Southwest Florida Coastal Water88,630.64Pending
TraceyDaltonOceanographyNOAATesting multiple fouling control techniques to enhance production of shellfish across sites on Rhode Island farms$827,000.Pending
MatejaNenadovicCELS/Marine AffairsNOAA Sea GrantOpportunities and challenges of offshore wind development from the perspective of the recreational fishing sector in the US Northeast region365,000Pending
HeatherStoffelURI/GSOSNEP-SOAROutreach for NBFSMN300KPending
HeatherStoffelURI/GSOSNEPEcological Assessment of Blue Crab and other Species in Kickemuitt River (Post Dam Removal)140KPending
CandaceOviattURI/GSONew Hampshire SeagrantUtilizing Offshore Wind Farms as Artifical Reef Habitat as a Restoration Pathway for Lobster Fishery in RI Sound400000Pending
ToddGuilfoosCELS/ENRENH SeaGrantMeasuring Impacts of Offshore Wind on Commercial Fishing Fleets in Southern New England350000Pending
ElinTorellGSO/Coastal Resources Center/CISea GrantAdvancing Actionable Social Science Research on Fisheries and Offshore Wind Interactions in the Northeast Region268,761Pending
MartaGomez-ChiarriCELS/FAVSOregon State University - prime to NOAAImproving Vibriosis Management in Shellfish Rearing Facilities$330,000Pending
J.P.WalshGSO/CRCNational Park ServiceSalt Marsh Decision Making$325000Pending
CarolThornberCELS/NRSRI Water Resources CenterThe use of macroalgae as indicators of pollu@on by Pla@num Group Elements (PGEs) in estuaries50KPending
CarolThornberCELS/NRSNOAACo-cultivation of the sugar kelp Saccharina latissima and the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica in New England250KPending
JitkaBecanovaGSOSERDPElucidating PFAS bioaccumulation mechanisms in fish for developing a novel biomimicking approach$ 1,199,273Pending
Dr. YeqiaoWangCELS/NRSNational Park ServiceCELS - CI - Integrating Geospatial Capacity with Management and Operations in NPS Interior Region 1 (Task Agreement FY24)$101,080Pending
RainerLohmannGSONIEHSSTEEP II carryover supplement$278,710Pending
AnnetteGrilliOcean EngineeringFriends of Green Hill PondAssessing the Impact of Reopening the Link Channel on the Water Quality of Green Hill Pond, South Kingstown Rhode Island27,000Pending
TraceyDaltonOceanographyNOAACoalition and community-led implementation of the Southern New England Marine Debris Action Plan objectives in Rhode Island.299000Pending
 First Last College/Department Granting Agency/Foundation Project Title Funding Amount Requested (may be an estimate)* Funded