Report on funded grant

In order to keep the CI going strong and maintain the cycle of support, it is imperative that you fill out the online reporting forms upon completion of any project partially or 

fully funded by the CI, which includes GIA, Catalyst, Leveraging, or Collaborative grants.

PI’s will not be eligible for additional funds if reporting is not completed.

The CI must demonstrate return on investment. That value is not fully represented without your brief reports and continued acknowledgement of CI investments in your work.

Submit Grant-In-Aid Report
Submit Catalyst, Leveraging, or Collaborative grant report


Credit on funded proposals

CI-grant funded activities must provide credit to the Coastal Institute for any presentations, publications, or events, e.g., “This ________is made possible by the support/partial support of the URI Coastal Institute.” Please use the high resolution Coastal Institute logo (pdf version) (jpg version) where applicable.

Recipients of CI Catalyst, Leveraging, GIA, and Collaborative grants will be required to submit a final report and may be called upon to provide a brief report at the Coastal Institute Senior Fellows Annual Meeting.