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The Coastal Institute offers small grants to individuals needing assistance to jump-start a research project or a collaborative enterprise focusing on coastal ecosystem management with the anticipation of major proposal(s) to be submitted using research/data accomplished through this support. Awards are generally in the range of 

$1,000 to $5,000, pending availability of CI funds.
Apply for a Catalyst Grant


The Coastal Institute welcomes grant proposals that further its mission by adding value to funded projects and activities. Examples include bringing in additional speakers for 

conferences and workshops; adding breadth or depth to some aspect of a research or outreach project; or enhancing a project’s communication outputs. Leveraging grants are not intended to serve as the major source of support for a project or activity; rather, they are to expand the real and perceived value of the initial investment for the PIs, the University, and basic or applied research. Awards are generally in the range of $1,000 to $15,000, pending availability of CI funds.
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Collaborative Grants

The CI is committed to the development of grant proposals as co-PIs through the various federal agencies ranging from the National Institutes of Health to the National Science Foundation. The CI increases competitiveness through science communication expertise, consideration of social equity, visual augmentation of organizational principles, collaborative methodologies, and commitment to community engagement. The CI allocates limited funding as needed to enhance proposal quality and facilitate team communication.
If you are interested in working with the CI to develop a grant proposal, please contact us to arrange a meeting.


(available only to CI Senior Fellows with funded CI proposals who are also URI employees)
One of the primary privileges offered to Senior Fellows is the opportunity to apply for a Grant-in-Aid (see full GIA guidelines). Grants-In-Aid are only available to Senior Fellows with a funded CI Proposal who are also URI employees. These Senior Fellows are eligible to apply for a Grant-in-Aid (approximately up to the amount that equals one-third of the overhead returned to the Coastal Institute related to that Senior Fellow’s funded proposal(s).) These funds may be used to support activities related to an ongoing funded CI proposal or applied to research or activities aligned with current or future research in keeping with the Coastal Institute mission. All Grant-in-Aid funds must be requested by May 1st and fully spent by June 1st of of each year.
Submit your grant application through URI Cayuse as a CI Proposal
Apply for a Grant-In-Aid

Credit on funded proposals

CI-grant funded activities must provide credit to the Coastal Institute for any presentations, publications, or events, e.g., “This ________is made possible by the support/partial support of the URI Coastal Institute.” Please use the high resolution Coastal Institute logo where applicable.

Recipients of CI Catalyst, Leveraging, GIA, and Collaborative grants will be required to submit a final report and may be called upon to provide a brief report at the Coastal Institute Senior Fellows Annual Meeting.