Our Newest Senior Fellow: Meet Peter Freeman

Peter FreemanCoastal Resources Management Calls for a Comprehensive Approach: That’s what Peter Freeman, our newest Senior Fellow, suggests when it comes to helping coastal communities around the world take up the knowledge and tools they need to make wise choices for marine-based resources. Freeman, a coastal research associate at the URI Coastal Resources Center, says it’s a good idea to think about the economic and health arenas, as well as the environmental sphere, when planning realistically for the management and enhancement of coastal and ocean resources, like fish stocks.

“I am interested in helping coastal communities and managers make decisions based on a full accounting of the wide range of values we hold for coasts as places to work, play, and study, as well as systems that we rely on for our health and security,” says Peter. “I like approaching this challenge using the concept of ecosystem services and the range of economic, institutional, and technical tools available to assess and internalize their value into management decisions.”

Peter’s positive about the future, and excited to contribute to the interdisciplinary approach put forth by the Coastal Institute. “I hope to contribute to the vision and mission of the Coastal Institute by working to ensure that the connections between people and the environment drive sound and sustainable use and management of coastal and marine systems, both at home and abroad.”

Welcome Peter — feel free to drop him a line at pfreeman@uri.edu