• Change: Tracking the Shifting Shoreline - Napatree Point Conservation Area offers researchers unique opportunities to observe natural processes in shoreline change, storm impacts, and recovery of a coastal dune ecosystem. Produced by the URI Coastal Institute in collaboration with the Watch… ...Read more
  • Connected: Wildlife of the Barrier Beach - A unique intersection of ecosystems and habitats, Napatree Point Conservation Area allows managers and researchers to monitor the impacts of climate change on a barrier spit celebrated for its rare and endangered species. Produced by… ...Read more
  • Discovery: People in Nature at Napatree - Home to a diverse range of plants and animals, Napatree Point Conservation Area has 100,000+ visitors a year . Managers strive to balance promoting recreation with implementing conservation. Produced by the URI Coastal Institute in… ...Read more
  • 7th Annual Scott W. Nixon Lecture - PFAFs Around the Globe: Effects on human health of oceanic pollution in the Arctic Dr. Pál Weihe is a part of the URI-led STEEP Superfund Research Program. Learn more about Dr. Weihe’s efforts over the last 30 years… ...Read more
  • 6th Annual Scott W. Nixon Lecture - "So Many Estuaries, So Little Time” – Narragansett Bay as a Model for Coastal Systems Under Change Dr. Robinson W. Fulweiler speaks about Narragansett Bay as a model for coastal systems under change at the… ...Read more
  • 5th Annual Scott W. Nixon Lecture - A 21st century look at the global ocean conveyor belt Dr. Susan Lozier challenges traditional thinking about how our ocean waters circulate the globe and how climate change is impacting these circulation patterns during her… ...Read more
  • Nixon Lecture 2016 4th Annual Scott W. Nixon Lecture - Getting Rid of Hypoxia in a Warming World Daniel Conley Professor of Biogeochemistry Lund University, Sweden Thursday, April 28, 2016 A number of synthesis efforts have documented the world-wide increase in hypoxia across the land-ocean… ...Read more
  • 2nd Annual Scott W. Nixon Lecture - Nitrogen – the good, the bad, and the beautiful The Coastal Institute sponsored the third Annual Scott Nixon Lecture, which was presented on March 26 featuring Dr. Sybil Seitzinger, a GSO Ph.D., who delivered an… ...Read more
  • 1st Annual Scott W. Nixon Lecture - Auditing the Seven Plagues of the Coastal Ecosystems Carlos M. Duarte presented the First Annual Scott W. Nixon Lecture, “Auditing the Seven Plagues of the Coastal Ecosystems”, on April 17, 2013 in the URI Coastal… ...Read more