Tolani Olagundoye

  • Department of Natural Resources Science
  • University of Rhode Island
  • Email:

Dr. Tolani Olagundoye joined CELS, with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, as a clinical assistant professor of leadership. She was previously a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Clinical Advanced Simulation at the Providence VA Medical Center and has worked with the youth for over 8 years. Olagundoye’s public engagements or research focuses on aiding students in becoming effective leaders in the face of global environmental and health crises. She will be able to contribute to the Coastal Institute by creating avenues of connection and collaboration between the youth and the Coastal Institute. And as a Senior Coastal Fellow, she will use information and resources provided to her by the Coastal Institute to educate the youth and the next generation of environmental scientists and leaders. She is excited to see this in action as she helps students become strong, effective, and resilient leaders.