Seray Ergene

  • Assistant Professor
  • University of Rhode Island College of Business
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I study sustainability from various angles, and this includes ocean sustainability. Since 2019, I've been researching Ocean Plastics with several colleagues from CELS.

I have been an active contributor to the Plastics: Land to Sea initiative since its inception in Fall 2019. Since last academic year, I have been on the URI Plastics Faculty Advisory Board and participated in meetings (e.g., internal meetings, company visits, etc.). I will continue to do so in the coming and future years. I have two ongoing research projects with colleagues from Marine Affairs department and supported three graduate students with the funding raised elsewhere. I am also involved with several interdisciplinary grant proposals, including EPSCOR, and working with colleagues from CELS on coastal issues. I am co-teaching a new graduate course with colleagues from GSO, course title OCG/MBA539 Hacking for Oceans, which is all about finding solutions to ocean problems, most of which are relevant to coastal issues.