Najih Lazar

  • Coastal Resources Center
  • University of Rhode Island
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Fisheries Science
Fisheries Stock Assessment
Fisheries Management
Food Security in West Africa
Artisanal fisheries

I have more than 25 years of experience in broad range of fisheries management issues related to U.S., North and sub-Saharan Africa. As a senior Fisheries Advisor to the USAID/Fisheries Sustainable Fisheries Management Project, was responsible of capacity building and coordination of management activities with governmental and local institutions. Ex-Deputy Chief of the Division of Fish and Wildlife - Department of Environmental Management (RIDFW) leading the implementation of USFWS, NOAA, USAID and USDA grants in marine, freshwater and wildlife management. Managed fisheries and wildlife management programs including; fish restoration initiatives, aquatic education, hunting education, sport fishing and boating infrastructure, wildlife management. Served as the USFWS grants coordinator (Region 5) for the state of Rhode Island and coordinated USAID funded projects focused on capacity building, exchange programs and post-graduate education in marine and coastal programs, climate change adaptation and livelihood projects.