Michelle Peach

  • Lecturer, MESM Program Coordinator
  • University of Rhode Island Department of Natural Resources Science
  • Email: michelle_peach@uri.edu

My professional background has been in the areas of wetland restoration, landscape ecology, and protected area management and planning. I am originally from the midwestern US and my previous research has focused on in-land areas. Since moving to Rhode Island, however, I have becoming increasingly interested in coastal ecosystems and communities and the challenges they face. This interest is both academic and personal. Since I now live and work in a coastal area, questions about sea level rise, salt marsh restoration and migration, changing fisheries trends, and coastal water quality pique my professional interest but also directly affect my quality of life.

As one of the coordinators of the Master of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) program at URI, I support graduate students who are interested in building professional skills and applying them to solve contemporary environmental challenges. Many of them are particularly interested in coastal issues such as adaptation and mitigation for sea level rise, enhancing the blue economy, and renewable energy. I am eager to collaborate with the Coastal Institute on projects that involve students in the science and management of coastal issues. For students, these opportunities could take the form of internships, major papers, or even smaller projects.