Michael Gerel

I have been the Executive Director of the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program (NBEP) since 2019, reshaping one of the founding National Estuary Program’s into a highly effective organization equipped to address the interrelated challenges of urbanization, climate change, and environmental inequity facing our region. Based in Providence, RI with a staff of 4 and overseen by a Board of 30 regional partners, NBEP offers convening, science communications, and funding programs in the Narragansett Bay, Little Narragansett Bay, Coastal Ponds, and their watersheds in RI, MA, and CT. We are small group that strives for big impact by stimulating inquiry and action to address some of the region's toughest problems.

With a Masters in Environmental Sciences from Johns Hopkins University, I have worked at the intersection of science and people for 3o years to advance the study and recovery of some of the nation's most important coastal systems. I have wide-ranging experience in water resource science, place-based conservation, collaborative governance, and public policy. I am a proven manager, coalition-builder, and fundraiser with a gift for connecting with different interests, nurturing interdisciplinary teams, and delivering science-based, community-derived results.

Outside of work, I am am avid hiker, reader, and volunteer who seeks to live a life of learning, service, and kindness to the coastal places and people that have welcomed and nurtured me throughout my life.