Kathie Florsheim

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  • Email: kflorshoe@yahoo.com
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    Providence, RI 02906
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I have been photographing along the coastline, in Rhode Island, on the Cape, and in southern Maine, since 1974. Through the auspices of URI SeaGrant, I was awarded the Visual Art Sea Grant award in 2002 for a body of work from this series. Presently I am working on two distinctly different bodies of work. The first is a portrait of Narragansett Beach and its patrons. In this series, although I am profiling a specific place, I am especially interested in the human behavior that seems to be universal to beaches everywhere. For example, beach-goers typically walk along the sand as if they had a destination, with purpose, but of course they are having a day-at-the-beach, which by definition, is leisure time. In the other series, I am exploring the convergence between the built environment and the natural environment. I am particularly interested in what that intersection looks like at the seashore because there is a collision of disparate interests crammed into a fragile, finite environment. How, for example, do we preserve the seaside for recreational use while we simultaneously allow real estate development along the shoreline? For this series, I am photographing along the New England coast, documenting real estate development, public rights of way to the shore and seasonal use of the land.