Hongjie Wang

  • Assistant Professor of Oceanography
  • University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography, Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Phone: 401.874.6141
  • Email: hwang@uri.edu

Coastal estuaries are some of the most heavily used and threatened natural systems globally and provide essential habitats for commercial and recreational fisheries, among many other ecosystem services. This ecosystem has an influx of fresh water at one end and is in free communication with the open sea at the opposite end. Any change in open water and freshwater property, hydrological condition, and the biological process can modify the ecosystem. I am interested in 1) understanding the carbon cycle change under a warming and higher carbon dioxide world; 2) how human activities modify the local biogeochemical processes, for example, ocean acidification and hypoxia in the coastal environment; 3) I am also interested in exploring natural solution in increasing coastal resilience to climate change.

Through collaborating with other CI fellows, my carbonate chemistry expertise can contribute CI to better the biogeochemical changes (such as ocean acidification) because of human activities and climate change. My statistical background can help understand the long-term changes surrounding Narragansett Bay over a decadal time scale. I am building a collaboration network with local kelp farmers and oyster growers now. Through these collaborations, I hope to contribute to the public engagement between CI and local stakeholders.