Emily Hall


As the Coastal Geologist for RI CRMC, I apply the best available science to the management of the State’s coastal features. Coasts are inherently dynamic systems, and I am working to prepare coastal communities for the realities of climate change. I collaborate with a variety of researchers, state and federal agencies, local non-profits, and other coastal users to develop policies that prioritize resilient shores.

My research seeks to understand the interplay between community and ecosystem responses to climate change. Previous projects have focused on marsh migration in the Chesapeake Bay, carbon and plastic sequestration in Filipino mangroves, and sandy beach geomorphology in New England. I employ a wide range of methods to study coastal change, including everything from grain size analyses to radiometric dating and remote sensing. I hold a B.S. in Geology and Environmental Science from William & Mary, and a M.S. in Oceanography from the URI Graduate School of Oceanography.