Coleen Suckling

  • Assistant Professor in Sustainable Aquaculture
  • University of Rhode Island
  • Phone: (401) 874-2040
  • Email:
  • Office Location: Woodward Hall 129
    9 East Alumni Avenue
    Kingston, RI 02881
  • Website

I’m an eco-physiologist who is interested in seeing how marine organisms respond to differing environmental settings with a scope to sustain marine based food supplies and the economy. In my work I look at the resilience of animals to future climate change to identify tools that could be used to increase seafood resilience. I also work on identifying and supporting the growth of resilient new/emerging species for new economic opportunities by working on optimizing production methods. I’m also interested in understanding how marine animals are interacting and responding to plastics in our oceans to determine whether there are risks or not to their health.

During my career, I have worked directly both in the aquaculture industry and academia and much of my work includes collaborating with industrial stakeholders.