Cheryl Foster

  • Department of Philosophy
  • University of Rhode Island
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    Kingston, RI 02881
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I am an expert in environmental aesthetics and in the broader field of environmental philosophy. This places me in a unique position to assess both the epistemological structures governing coastal management decisions and the character of the amenity values that often inform such decisions. Much of my published work has focused on making the tacit dimensions of environmental values explicit, often by identifying, clarifying and analyzing the base from which value judgments are levied. More precisely, by articulating the cultural, ethical and aesthetic factors inherent in environmental values, my work complements that of policy makers, environmental managers, designers and applied scientists, and provides an alternate but nevertheless relevant framework through which to view the patterns of perception and decision making about coastal and other environments. My recent efforts in this direction have contributed to an award winning volume on environmental restoration, been profiled by Whole Earth magazine and been featured at the Harvard conference on Brown Fields, Grey Waters in Novemebr 2001 (this last of which will be published in a forthcoming volume from MIT Press).