Brietta Oaks

  • Assistant Professor
  • University of Rhode Island, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • Phone: 401.874.4021
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I am interested in the potential of seafood to reduce global health disparities. In particular, I focus on how different forms of seafood contribute to meeting the nutritional needs of pregnant women and women of reproductive age. I view seafood not only as an excellent protein source, but also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. My lab group is currently engaged in research that examines the nutritional potential of oysters in the diet of women shellfishers in Ghana and The Gambia. We also are examining the oysters in Ghana for heavy metal contamination to help inform policymakers as to whether oysters can be promoted to help women meet their nutritional needs or need to be avoided to to adverse health risks from contamination.

I look forward to contributing to the Coastal Institute by leading research related to the nutritional impact of seafood and working collaboratively with colleagues at the Coastal Institute and in lower-income countries.