Alex DeCiccio

Alex DeCiccio is a documentary storyteller in Rhode Island. He works as a media specialist at the Inner Space Center. Alex began at the Inner Space Center as an undergraduate volunteer, while studying film and media theory at the University of Rhode Island, in 2009.

He now leads a team focused on storytelling and inclusive communication theory and practice working inside of a world renowned ocean and climate research institution, the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography located on the Narragansett Bay Campus.

Alex's background is in media studies and theory, mostly in non-fiction and creative documentary storytelling. He has been producing documentary and live production stories or "real-time" documentaries about ocean and climate research, ocean exploration, and the scientific community for over 10 years.

Alex is currently exploring interdisciplinary approaches of media and digital literacy and inclusive science communication to promote more equitable exchanges and trust building relationships between researchers and audiences.