RhodyRstats: RI corruption free data

The demand for individuals trained in data analysis grows as data increasingly drive the growth of new disciplines and transform existing ones. Recognizing this worldwide demand, the CI partnered with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Atlantic Ecology Division (EPA-AED) to initiate hands-on opportunities for scientists to gain advanced programming skills. The specific goal of this effort was to increase the pool of individuals trained in data science and the popular programming language “R,” which is used for statistical computing and data science, as well as to facilitate collaboration—across campus, with our local federal partners, and internationally.

As a first step, 44 URI students, faculty, and staff were invited to take part in a two-day workshop, January 12-13, 2016, focused on “R” and to join the newly established “rhodyRstats” Mozilla Science Lab Study Group. Since its inception, it has grown in participant numbers, evolved in delivery mechanisms (workshops, conferences, and lectures), and moved beyond academia into real world application. Moreover, URI has institutionalized the work by developing a big data graduate course. RhodyRStats continues to build momentum.

Further information: http://rhodyrstats.org/

With the CI support for several rhodyRstats and data carpentry workshops, we have provided data and computational skills to well over 100 different learners in fields as diverse as oceanography, environmental science, rhetoric, and health analytics.
Dr. Jeffrey Hollister, EPA-AED