The Land and Water Conservation Summit

For the past 10 years, the CI has been a strong supporter of the annual Land and Water Conservation Summit. CI support ranges from defraying workshop costs, partial

underwriting of speakers, and the CI director serving as the emcee.

This daylong event addresses the work and needs of land trusts, watershed organizations, and conservation commissions. Items on the extensive menu of workshops serve to address new tools, best practices, and methods for communicating with the public. Local organizations are part of the fabric of their communities, making them best situated to understand environmental health needs and community capacity to enact change.


…Over 320 state conservation leaders from land trusts, conservation commissions, watershed organizations, as well as folks from local, state and federal agencies to attend workshops presenting the latest information on climate change, green energy, conservation and stewardship,” …participants,… “leave the Summit inspired and with new ideas and information to help them more effectively protect the land and waters in communities around the state.
Meg Kerr and Rupert Friday, Co-Coordinators, Land & Water Conservation Summit