Studio Blue

Studio Blue is a multimedia coastal and ocean learning commons hosted at the Narragansett Bay Campus, where prominent artists and students display their work on marine and coastal subjects. The melding of art and science enhances emotional learning, a right-brain activity that increases information “stickiness” and holistic learning regarding associated science topics. The visual richness of the space enhances the experience of hundreds of visiting guests year-round.

Exhibits and Featured Art:

2018 Exhibit: Fading Landscapes: the Fragility of Coastal Beauty. Artist:  Lori Jeremiah.

2017 Exhibit: Coastal Images: The Work of Eric Lutes, featuring Science and the Sea, a painting of the R/V Endeavor. Artist: Eric Lutes

Inspiration: GSO fisheries trawl survey. Artist: Annette Mehr, BFA, U mentored by URI Art and Art History and GSO.

Inspiration: satellite views of the Earth. Artist: Aron Belka, works embrace a wide range from the wetlands of Louisiana to the vibrant life of New Orleans to the culture of Sierra Leone.