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Funding Opportunities

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The Coastal Institute provides a range of grants, as outlined below, but any Coastal Institute grant must be some form of trans-, inter- or multidisciplinary research/outreach. Moreover, the funded work must be in keeping with the Coastal Institute’s mission. Grants are not limited to the University of Rhode Island; rather, they are evaluated on the basis of how the investment enhances the efficacy of pure and applied research relative to the state of the coastal zone. “The geographic scope of the Coastal Institute is broadly defined to include continental shelves, inland or partially enclosed seas, estuaries, bays, lagoons, beaches, and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems within watersheds that drain into coastal waters. The conceptual scope of the Coastal Institute includes the environmental, economic, ethical, and cultural dimensions of coastal environments and their governance.”

Leveraging Grants

Senior Fellows, individuals sponsored by a Fellow, e.g., students, or others whose project focus is in alignment with the mission of the Coastal Institute, may apply for funds to enhance sponsored projects. The range of grants varies widely and could support the development of a complex database crucial to the funded research or a luncheon for a site visit of the funding agency.

Catalyst Grants

Senior Fellows, individuals sponsored by a Fellow, e.g., students, or others whose project focus is in alignment with the mission of the Coastal Institute, may apply for funds to support the investigation of a concept or theory. This could include the use of focus groups to test a particular outreach approach or engaging in a small research project that tests a given hypothesis and provides sufficient “proof of concept” to enable the researchers to seek significant funding from an agency or foundation.

Grants-In-Aid (available only to CI Senior Fellows with funded Coastal Institute proposals)

One of the primary privileges offered to Senior Fellows is the opportunity to apply for a Grant-in-Aid. Coastal Institute Senior Fellows are eligible to apply for a Grant-in-Aid (approximately up to the amount that equals one-third of the overhead returned to the Coastal Institute related to that Senior Fellow’s funded proposal(s).) These funds may be used to support activities related to an ongoing funded CI proposal or applied to research or activities aligned with current or future research in keeping with the Coastal Institute mission.

CI Projects and Initiatives

CI Project funds are available to academic researchers, state and federal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and others to support the Coastal Institute mission. These projects, unlike Leveraging and Catalysts Grants, involve a partnership with the Coastal Institute in which the CI director and/or assistant director take a more active role in the work. In addition, these projects encompass efforts beyond academic research.

CI Initiative funds are available to develop an ongoing partnership between the Coastal Institute and another organization internal or external to the University of Rhode Island, an agency, NGO, and/or other institute. Unlike CI Project funds which are typically awarded for a single event or limited amount of time, CI Initiatives are created with the intention to continue for an extended amount of time or even indefinitely.

Funded Proposals

Please assist in sustaining the value of the Coastal Institute by including credit to the Coastal Institute for any presentations, publications, or events, e.g., “This ________is made possible by the support/partial support of the URI Coastal Institute.” Also provide us with brief titles, products or outcomes to allow us to add it to the Coastal Institute outputs page (forthcoming). Please use the high resolution Coastal Institute logo where possible.

Recipients will be required to submit a 2-page final report and may be called upon to provide a brief report at the Coastal Institute Senior Fellows Annual Meeting.

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