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Coastal Institute Projects

The Coastal Institute was established with the goal to create partnerships between the University of Rhode Island, the State of Rhode Island, and agencies of the federal government. The scope of the institute includes, “both basic and applied sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering. Its work will encompass both research and extension/outreach activities.

To fulfill its mission, advance scientific research, and promote scientific understanding, the Coastal Institute engages in and funds a wide variety of projects.


Projects_State and Regional Initiatives_Bay

A pier in a protected cove of Narragansett Bay. Photo credit: URI Coastal Institute

The Coastal Institute serves as the coordinator, chair, or host of several large state and regional collaborations comprised of academic institutions, executive agencies at the state and federal levels, and non-governmental organizations. In many cases, the Coastal Institute was selected among a strong field of candidates due to its being a neutral venue with a solid reputation for bringing together diverse groups to work toward a common goal.

These projects are often long-term commitments that are annually recommitted to and form the core of the Coastal Institute initiatives. For more detail on these individual projects, please visit the Ongoing Initiatives page.



The State of Rhode Island has taken a proactive role in preparing for climate change and implementing environmental policies that protect our unique coasts and watershed. However, RI does not always have the means to cover all of the essential financial obligations and staff commitments, and the Coastal Institute serves as a partner on several initiatives to facilitate their completion when the focus is environmental health and aligns with the mission of the Coastal Institute.



U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) speaks at the launch of the RI climate change website about the importance of preparing for climate change impacts. Photo credit: URI Coastal Institute

The Coastal Institute is committed to enhancing scientific awareness in local communities and by the general public by communicating complex issues in a clear, easy to understand manner. The Coastal Institute seeks to achieve this by using a mix of traditional communication strategies such as websites and publications, as well as innovative strategies that are typically associated with a broader impact on retention, e.g., music and film.



The Coastal Institute supports a variety of public lectures and professional development workshops available to state and federal, academic, and private sector researchers. These events promote the general public’s understanding of science, honor top researchers, and help to ensure that RI’s scientific researchers keep abreast of the latest tools available to benefit their research.

Scientists participate in a three-day data analysis bootcamp co-hosted by the URI Coastal Institute and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-Atlantic Ecology Division. Photo credit: URI Coastal Institute



URI doctorate students learn about urban ecology during a trip to Baltimore to visit their ecosystem study site. Photo credit: URI Coastal Institute

The Coastal Institute is committed to supporting graduate students, faculty members, professional staff, and grant applicants at the University of Rhode Island. The Coastal Institute commits financial support, professional development programs, and grant opportunities that ultimately enhance URI’s research and competitiveness.



The Coastal Institute is involved in a variety of endeavors that support and promote the University of Rhode Island as a land-, sea-, and urban-grant university. Activities include providing financial support for coastal initiatives, committing staff time and expertise, and/or promoting the University of Rhode Island, the flagship university of the Ocean State.



Projects_Support of Primary Research_horseshoe crab

A horseshoe crab that has been tagged so managers can study their life history. Photo credit: URI Coastal Institute

The Coastal Institute provides funding support for primary research activities that support its mission. Such funding may support a small project from start to finish, make supplemental research possible that enhances the value of the overall project, or allow for activities related to grants to be conducted that would not otherwise be funded.



The Coastal Institute has been, and continues to be, committed to the development of grants through the various federal agencies ranging from the National Institutes of Health to the National Science Foundation. The expertise provided by the Coastal Institute increases competitiveness through science communication expertise,consideration of social equity, and commitment to community engagement.

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