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Coastal Institute Proposals

Submitting proposals for external funding through the Coastal Institute

Coastal Institute Senior Fellows visit Windmist Farm. Photo credit: Ayla Fox

Coastal Institute Senior Fellows visit Windmist Farm. Photo credit: Ayla Fox

The Coastal Institute encourages research and outreach projects that use novel, multidisciplinary approaches to environmental problem solving or information dissemination in coastal ecosystems. All projects submitted through the Coastal Institute must advance the mission and vision of the Coastal Institute. Typically they involve multiple departments and or colleges at URI and may involve partner institutions outside of the University.

Projects submitted through the Coastal Institute follow the standard URI overhead schedule except those submitted to EPA Region I and projects within the Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit program. Overhead return to colleges remains the same whether a project is or is not submitted through the Coastal Institute. The Coastal Institute receives 30% of the indirect costs its projects generate for the University. These funds are used to support Coastal Institute programs and operating expenses.

Why partner with the Coastal Institute on a research or outreach project? Here are a few reasons: 1) support the vision and mission of the Coastal Institute; 2) work with the institutional partners of the Coastal Institute; and 3) as a Senior Fellow you will be able to apply for a Coastal Institute Grant-in-Aid when you have a CI-approved and funded proposal.



Submitting a Research Proposal Through the Coastal Institute

CI Proposals_Eco-Maching_Ayla Fox

Coastal Institute Senior Fellows witness how bioremediation can help clean oil from the environment. Photo credit: Ayla Fox

  1. Please fill out the submission form at least one week prior to the Cayuse submission deadline. When you submit the form, you will receive an email that confirms your successful submission and includes a summary of your responses.  This form will serve two functions: 1) the CI will review the proposal to ensure it is appropriate for a CI proposal designation—you will be notified by email of its approval status; and 2) the form will serve to alert the Research Office that this is a Coastal Institute proposal.  Please be sure to print a copy of the completed form and upload it to Cayuse along with the standard URI proposal cover.
  2. If you are unsure if your submission fits the mission of the Coastal Institute, which is required for all Coastal Institute proposals, please feel free to email the Director of the Coastal Institute describing your project before completing the submission form. However, if your proposal clearly meets the mission, you may simply complete the submission form and then wait for a confirmation email from the Coastal Institute.
  3. If funded, please notify the Coastal Institute using the same proposal title and listing the PI.  Since a portion of the overhead generated by your project will be diverted to the Coastal Institute to support Coastal Institute Grants-in-Aid as well as sponsored projects and initiatives, it helps the CI to plan more strategically.

The Coastal Institute collects information on CI projects annually. You will receive a reminder to provide us with brief titles, products or outcomes to allow us to add it to the Coastal Institute outputs page (forthcoming).

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